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More than 50 contents planned for the first year

This year you can enjoy more than 50 exclusive contents on Pause

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The topics that matter to you

We know how difficult it is to build a family, so we think about the most relevant topics so that you can count on expert content and help from other parents who live the same way as you.

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Available on all your devices

The contents are available through the Pause website on as many devices as you want

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Some of the most frequently asked questions we receive

What does the subscription consist of?

With your subscription to Pause by IFFD, you get access to all the content available on the platform, as well as to the two international “Love Talks” congresses where you can find numerous presentations by experts on topics related to the family.

I'm having a problem subscribing, what can I do?

Write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are very sorry for the inconvenience!

Why is there content that is shown as “coming soon”?

The Pause by IFFD project will continue to grow in content over the next few years. Our publication plan is for a relevant topic every 2 months, although in some moments we will publish even more frequently. Our commitment is that all the content on the platform truly serves and brings value to all families in the world.

Who is behind Pause?

Pause is an IFFD initiative, you can discover who we are and all the projects we carry out on our website

Who is Pause for?

Pause is designed for all stages of life (young people, couples, couples, parents, grandparents, teachers, trainers...). The papers are distributed by topic, allowing you to select those that best suit your life situation. There will be more specific topics for one stage and others that are more cross-cutting, but there is content for everyone.

What language are the videos in?

As an international platform, Pause has videos in Spanish and English. The videos will always have subtitles available in Spanish and English and we hope to see more languages in the future. There are some videos that, in addition to being subtitled, have dubbing.